What We Do

The end-to-end Platform that manages Everything

From job Inception, mapping, team collaboration, right through to discharging conditions and S106 trackers.

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Simple and standardised processes that save time.

Every job starts with an instruction from a client, so every process from that point should be consistent across your company. 

Motif helps manage you and your teams by standardising workflows, from job creation, conflict checks to helping understand where your company has experience. 

Motif is built on the aim of doing one thing, saving you and your team time.


We all only have limited time in our working day so why waste it?

From setting up jobs, undertaking conflict checks and removing your yellow folders and centralising all your data. Motif simplifies and streamlines your company processes and opens up your data so your company knows where it is today, and also tomorrow.

Live Remote Back-office Systems
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Live Remote Back-office Systems
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Integrate with Motif and keep on top of the workload of both you and your team by receiving real-time email insights for all your jobs, view your upcoming deadlines. Centralise all your tasks in a single, simple place enabling you to keep on top of your jobs.

Workflow Integration

Pro tips:


Customise how you receive your emails throughout your working day. 


Change the radius of your conflict zone in company settings.


Use the right tools for the job, built by planners!

How many times have you had to create a S106 or conditions tracker, save, supersede, save again, circulate. Oh and now the formatting's off. When is the target determination for that application again? What was the reference or the case officers number?


You can now use Motif maps to see exactly where you have worked as a business, view mapping layers such as Listed Buildings or flood zones and now even view live planning applications across the entire country to help build your planning case, and remove those time-consuming processes. 

Real-Time Planning Maps & Live Planning Applications
Real-Time Planning Maps

Motif provides your project team access the information they need quickly easily through powerful mapping technology. 


View and search for planning applications and discover what developments could help give your scheme precedent. View important mapping layers from flood zones to Listed buildings. Understand allocations, where you and your company are working at the click of a button. 

We’ve teamed up with a number of established and trusted mapping providers including:

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And many more.

Pro tips:


Motif maps saves your last layer view, Handy!


You can download S106 and condition trackers directly into Excel.

What you need, where you need it.

Once you have an instruction, understand where your company has previous experience, surrounding precedent with live planning applications and mapping layers. Store and find all the key job information in a single space. 

Forget searching for stuff and access the information you need, wherever you are quickly and easily. 

Centralised Storage & Document Trackers
Storage & Document Trackers

Ditch your yellow folders, no one keeps the right information in the right place anyway. Instead, store the relevant documents, directly against all the other information for that job. 

Use our document trackers for planning and EIA submissions. Our version control automatically supersedes old versions so you and your team can be confident that you're all working off the same document.

Pro tips:


Enable and remove what people can view in Role Management


It's about time you understood your data.

With Motif analytics and reporting you can see what sort of applications your submitting, your success rate or even who are your biggest clients are. Run reports on all your jobs, clients or LPA's and get up to date real time information on your company to help you better forecast. 

Be confident that wherever you access your data that it is safe and secure. Check out Motif's security centre to understand the protection we put in place to make sure your data is safe.

Does your data work for you, or do you work to keep hold of your data?

Run full job, client or LPA reports with our functionality knowing that what you're looking at is the latest position in your company.


Pro tips:

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By putting in case officer details you can find them instantly through reporting.


Put in fee proposals and keep track of your biggest clients.

Drag & drop files and folders straight into Motif.