Digitising Planning

Times They Are A-Changin'


Founded in 2018, Motif's primary aim from the get go has been about streamlining and simplifying the town planning industry, in order to have a positive impact the wider built environment.

We've been buoyed by the positive approach taken by Connected Places Catapult and its drive to digitise the planning industry. More recently, with the affect that Covid-19 has had on all our lives, the planning system has been highlighted as being dated and unable to continue to meet the demands of modern life, particularly with its inability to be react quickly with changing economic, social, political and environmental conditions. 

The U.K Government has recognised this, we have recognised this and we now want to bring the planning industry with us driving towards a new digital open planning system.

Shaking up the Planning System:

Read our Response to the White Paper:

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We support the reforms set out in the planning white paper with specific regard to the use of digital technology in town planning. 

There are a number of key areas which we would like to see further guidance and detail as to how the Government intend to deliver and fund the proposed reforms. Much of the reform needed sits with the public sector, and if this can be implemented to some degree then the private sector can take a number of the newly reformed, open systems to develop out new innovative tools for the development industry. 

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During the summer of 2020, Robert Jenrick, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities Local Government announced the biggest shake up of the planning systems since the Second World War. What he made clear, was that a that heart of this system was the need to ‘[harness] digital technology to make it much easier to access and understand information about specific planning proposals’.


Further to that and directly tied into our vision at Motif, he acknowledged it was ‘also time for the planning system finally to move towards a modernised, open data approach that creates a reliable national picture of what is happening where in planning… [and uses] the emerging Property Technology (PropTech) sector, to help them make more informed decisions’. 


Having been borne out of these shared frustrations, Motif is delighted to be at the forefront of driving these innovative solutions creating a more equalised society and accessible community planning systems.

Join our CPD Sessions - The Rise of Plantech

The release of Government's White Paper set out the drive to digitise many parts of the planning system. We are providing CPD sessions for planning consultancies to provide you with a bit more of an understanding about what this could look like from within the PlanTech space. We explore questions such as:

- What is PlanTech?
- The importance of opening up Data.
- The Government White Paper - Digital Overview & Implications.
- The PlanTech Landscape.
- The Drive to Digital.

Contact if you’d like to arrange a session for your company. 

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Digital Planning - A Leap into the Unknown - April 2020

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We recently reposted an article in ‘The Planner’ magazine in which CEO of the RTPI, Victoria Hills, was interviewed about the effects of COVID-19 on remote working practices. We found the article incredibly interesting, and agreed on a number of the points raised. Much of the article was based on the impact on the public sector and this led us to think about the impact on a number of our clients, and the private sector as a whole. 

The Planner Magazine - Into the Flow - April 2019

We recently featured in The Planner Magazine having been requested to speak to the magazine and provide our insights into the planning system and the drive that we at Motif are pushing in order to see more digital engagement within the town planning industry in the UK.

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