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Like all great things, Motif started with a beer...

Whilst sat watching a cricket match with friends that worked within the planning industry, our CEO, Tom, was discussing his frustrations with the process of the his day to day job as a Town Planner. 

What became clear through the conversations on that day is that he was not alone... the inefficiencies and lack of standardisation was apparent across the industry. On that day the cogs started turning and the fundamentals of Motif were born. 

Motif Co-Founders Summer Day Out 2019

Meet the team

Tom Woolner - CEO & Co-Founder
Chris Hunter - CCO & Co-Founder
Luke Moody - CTO & Co-Founder

Motif is here to elevate and innovate the town planning industry.

Motif is the UK's first intuitive back office and project management platform that simplifies and streamlines many of the day to day processes required as part of managing developments. Designed by town planners to improve many of the dated practices, Motif supports users from the very inception of a job, through to discharging conditions and implementing a planning application. Ultimately, Motif increases collaboration, efficiency and transparency for professionals working in the development industry. 

As a cloud based platform, work seamlessly with your internal and external teams wherever you are, and access the data you need quickly and easily. 

Motif presenting at Connected Places Catapult annual PlanTech conference 2019.

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